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We are a private Irish Draught and Irish Draught Sport Horse breeding facility located amongst the beautiful rolling hills of wine country in Newberg, Oregon. Our program is focused on producing amateur-friendly horses with the exceptional athleticism and jumping ability of the Irish Draught. Whether you are looking to purchase your next sport horse partner or breed your own stellar performance horse, we would be honored to work with you.

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Select offering of Sport Horses available to approved, capable homes. Serious inquiries appreciated. Vet, farrier and trainer references may be requested.

Manu Fortis Proud Chieftain

We are thrilled to be offering this exceptional quality Irish Draught stallion to the public. And you don’t have to take our word for how special he is. Here is what the inspectors had to say during his 2022 stallion evaluation:  

Big, imposing horse with obvious Irish Draught characteristics with some interesting outcross bloodlines”

“Stands over a lot of ground. Deep barrel, and good bone [and] good topline”

“Good, active walk… good active length of stride in trot, showing good engagement from behind. Good length of stride in canter”

New to Irish Draughts?

This fabulous, rare breed has much to offer. Renown for jumping ability and athleticism, the purebred Irish Draught is a substantial horse with solid, clean bone without the heaviness or ponderous movement of other draft breeds. The Irish Draught was developed to have a fantastic work ethic, ground covering gaits, and to be a handy, self-sufficient fox hunting mount with soundness for consistent riding, driving and daily farm use. Irish Draught crosses have had long-standing celebrated success at the highest levels of sport, particularly in Eventing and Show Jumping.

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