Manu Fortis  


Class 1 Irish Draught Stallion

Stud Fee

Discounted Fee for Performance Mares

$650 USD - Fresh/Cooled

Other Mares

$1100 USD - 2 Frozen Doses

$1200 USD - Fresh/Cooled  

Manu Fortis Proud Chieftain studbook is open to mares of all breeds and registries. A fully executed contract, available on the links below, needs to be submitted via email and the stud fee must be paid in full prior to breeding services being rendered.

If applying for the discounted performance mare service agreement, the mare owner is responsible for submitting performance records for verification. If the mare owner cannot supply records to meet the performance standards outlined and agreed to in the discounted contract, the mare owner is responsible for paying the difference in stud service fee prior to breeding services being rendered.

Collection Availability

Manu Fortis Proud Chieftain’s breeding season runs February 1st to November 30th. Collections are available Monday through Friday. Occasional Saturday collections may be available, but are not guaranteed.

Mare owners that have submitted contracts will be notified in advance of any unavailable dates due to show scheduling.

Breeding Process

Once you have submitted a completed breeding contract from the link above, the full stud fee will need to be paid. The stud fee can be purchased through PayPal @RealtraStables, though please contact us for other payment options if needed. The $300 booking fee for Manu Fortis Proud Chieftain is included in the stud fee and not available as a separate payment.

Additionally, once a breeding contract is submitted, mare owners should contact Oakhurst Equine Veterinary Clinic, which is the facility that collects Manu Fortis Proud Chieftain and stores his frozen doses. To expedite the collection process and ensure there are no unnecessary delays in shipping, Oakhurst will need a payment method on file along with the receiving address. For in-house mare management and breeding, Oakhurst will need a signed mare management agreement, which they can send electronically.

As your mare approaches her anticipated ovulation date, your veterinarian must contact us directly to book a collection and shipment. If your mare is being bred with frozen, frozen doses may be shipped in advance of her breeding cycle and can be coordinated directly with Oakhurst.

Please contact Oakhurst Equine Veterinary Services directly for updated pricing and contracts for: stallion collection fees, estimated shipping costs for cooled or frozen doses, or for on-site mare management and fresh dose breeding.

Foal Registration

As an inspected and approved Class 1 Irish Draught stallion, all foals produced by Manu Fortis Proud Chieftain, regardless of the dam’s breed or registration status, may be registered with the Irish Draught Horse Society of North America and are also eligible for inspection and registration into the Irish Draught Sport Horse breeding book.


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