Manu Fortis  


Class 1 Irish Draught Stallion

Available at Stud



80” Girth

9.6” Bone

5 Years Old


Discounted Fee for Performance Mares

$650 USD - Fresh/Cooled

Other Mares

$1100 USD - Frozen

$1200 USD - Fresh/Cooled  

This highly athletic young stallion offers an exceptional opportunity for mare owners breeding for performance. With beautiful, ground-covering gaits, including a forward working walk, floating, engaged trot and a fantastic length of stride, he can add size and substance without losing quality movement. He also offers a highly athletic uphill build with a great top line and shoulder angle, allowing for significant impulsion from behind. This, united with his natural jumping ability, makes him an ideal breeding stallion for performance with many attributes for improving upon a mare.

Breed with Confidence

Manu Fortis Proud Chieftain is a Class 1 Irish Draught stallion. This means he has already gone through the rigorous inspection process that includes extensive X-rays, soundness exam and scoping to assess for the presence of potential heritable defects.

Beyond being awarded Class 1 at inspection, we’ve gone a step further. Proud Chieftain has also been tested for genetic diseases know to be present in the Irish Draught and continental warmblood breeds. He is not a carrier for any of the following:

HWSD (n/n) - UC Davis

WFFS (n/n) - UC Davis

SCC (n/n) - UC Davis  

PSSM1 (n/n) - UC Davis

Additionally, as part of the extensive Irish Draught stallion inspection, his conformation, gaits and jumping form were also assessed. This report can be viewed on his linear profile link below.


Manu Fortis Proud Chieftain boasts an impressive pedigree valuable to the purebred Irish Draught breeder and Sport Horse breeder alike. He is one of few standing stallions available that directly represent the rare foundation line of Woodranger (RID 24) that is threatened with extinction. He also carries the performance bloodline of Skippy, who sired international Advanced Eventing stallion Jumbo that went on to be ranked in the top ten of the WBFSH’s Eventing Sire Rankings for seven consecutive years and who produced multiple Badminton, Burghley and Lexington winners. Proud Chieftain also carries Clover Hill, who, for five consecutive years, was ranked 16th on the IHB’s list of sires of successful show jumpers.

Performance Career

When you’re breeding for performance, you want to use a stallion with more than just a pedigree. You want to know he’s contributing actual athleticism and handability to your foal. That, by having a show career, the stallion’s successes will reflect in recognition and increased marketability for your own breeding investment.

With Manu Fortis Proud Chieftain, we are invested in providing him an extensive show career. He is, simply put, too exceptional of an athlete to lounge about the breeding shed.  

His under saddle training began in 2022 under the tutelage of USDF Silver Medalist Cassi Soulé of Weathering Springs Training Facility who also prepared and presented him during his stallion inspection. Additionally, Proud Chieftain is also in training with Sarah Gammie of River Run Equestrian, a USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist. He will be brought along carefully and correctly, with his show career launching in 2023. Show dates and results will be posted on our website.

It says a lot for Proud Chieftain that Prix St George dressage trainers are impressed by his self-carriage and want to see him pursue a dressage career. Equally so, when upper level eventers and fox hunters see Proud Chieftain and immediately know he has it, well then you can understand that he truly has the presence of an exceptional athlete. Through competition, we’re sure many more will come to recognize this in him too and to value the genetics he can contribute to future equine athletes.

Breeding Process

Once you have submitted a completed breeding contract from the link above, the full stud fee will need to be paid. A $300 booking fee for Manu Fortis Proud Chieftain is included in the stud fee, though the stud fee must be paid in full prior to scheduling any collection or shipment of breeding doses.

Additionally, once a breeding contract is submitted, mare owners should contact Oakhurst Equine Veterinary Clinic, which is the facility that collects Manu Fortis Proud Chieftain and stores his frozen doses. To expedite the collection process and ensure there are no unnecessary delays in shipping, Oakhurst will need a payment method on file along with the receiving address. For in-house mare management and breeding, Oakhurst will need a signed mare management agreement, which they can send electronically.

As your mare approaches her anticipated ovulation date, your veterinarian can contact us directly to book a collection and shipment. If your mare is being bred with frozen, frozen doses may be shipped in advance of her breeding cycle and can be coordinated directly with Oakhurst.

Please contact Oakhurst Equine Veterinary Services directly for updated pricing and contracts for: stallion collection fees, estimated shipping costs for cooled or frozen doses, or for on-site mare management and fresh dose breeding.

Foal Registration

As an inspected and approved Class 1 Irish Draught stallion, all foals produced by Manu Fortis Proud Chieftain, regardless of the dam’s breed or registration status, may be registered with the Irish Draught Horse Society of North America and are also eligible for inspection and registration into the Irish Draught Sport Horse breeding book.

Purchase a Breeding

Manu Fortis Proud Chieftain’s stud book is currently open.

Proud Chieftain will be available for fresh/cooled stud services from February through November. Collections are on a first come, first serviced bases and will be subject to his show and training schedule. We will absolutely do our best to accommodate all service requests. Any unavailable collection dates will be posted here and provided to mare owners directly as they are booked.

Proud Chieftain has already gone through test cooled collections and his frozen doses have already been tested and proven in-house.


Stay up-to-date with Manu Fortis Proud Chieftain’s competition schedule, collection availability and show results by subscribing below.

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